9 Useful Features for Your Old iPad or Android Tablet

Tablets are not popular at the moment due to a result of the smartphones with a large screen and the convertible laptops chip away. However, if you have one tablet at home with full dust and you are happy with your giant smartphone, there are a few good ways to take advantage of it rather than selling or recycling it. Here are a few ideas that you try.

  1. Turn It Into A Streaming Media Device

There are currently a lot of Android and iOS apps available for streaming music and video services, even when they’re not specifically designed for tablets. So you can augment a hi-fi stereo (or a Bluetooth speaker) with the help of a tablet controller. You will easily be able to manage by pressing the buttons instead of saying to a remote control.

  1. Use It As A Remote Control


Many smart TVs and standalone systems such as Android TV, Roku, and Apple TV support the remote apps from mobile devices. The process does not require the dedicated cable boxes and receivers. So, it can be a good way to navigate the long lists or complex interfaces.

  1. Turn It Into Second Desktop Monitor

If you want to have a dual-screen desktop without buying any more equipment, there are several apps that can help your computer treat your tablet as an extra monitor, using Wi-Fi connection or with a USB connection. Although iPads seem to support better for the external displays, it still works well with Android tablets.

  1. Create Desktop Widget Screen


If you have a desktop workstation or a laptop and you want to plug into a monitor setup for more comfortable work, your tablet is a great accompaniment.  Connect it with a stand and a charger, it will become a handy email screen or even a second screen for gaming. There are several apps that allow you to display a screen full of custom commands and keys, which are sent to your computer wirelessly.

  1. Use It As A Kid’s Computer

Tablets are quite common as “starter computers” for your kids if they aren’t old enough to use a full-power Windows computer or their own smartphone. You can also add a stand and a Bluetooth keyboard so that your children can make things easier.

  1. Turn It Into A Security Monitor

If your tablet supports Wi-Fi, cameras, and a microphone, you can find a good place and stick it with constant power in order to turn it into a remote control camera in your house, which is very helpful. There are multiple apps designed for both iOS and Android to turn an unused device into a Wi-Fi camera with the recording capability, or even a baby monitor that can alert with noise. It’s a great way to take advantage of your tablet.

  1. Make It As A Smart Home Controller


If your house has already been equipped some smart gadgets such as a Nest thermostat, Wi-Fi lighting, or the connected appliances, you can use your tablet to control all of them. Install all of the related apps and put them into a home screen folder, then mount your tablet on a charger connected, and you already have a dedicated hub to control every smart device in the house.

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  1. Turn It Into Your Own Car Stereo Screen

Another benefit of your tablet is that you can replace the head unit of your car stereo with the tablet. It’s a very popular car mod, especially for small tablets like the Nexus 7. You can check out a number of guides on YouTube if you like. However, keep in mind that it’s illegal to watch a video while driving your card. These kinds of mods are wonderful for the music management as well as performance statistics.

  1. Use It As A Voice Control Hub

If you wish a voice which can control the gadget like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, your tablet can do pretty well the same thing. Android and Apple’s tablets can easily be activated hands-free by saying “OK Google” and “Hey Siri” commands. Although a dedicated tablet does not usually come with 360-degree speakers or advanced microphones, it’s still a good idea due to the low price.

Many of you might be wondering that how we can keep the battery going for more than a day with a number of these applications. You can combine the low standby power for use, and your tablet can last for one day before plugging into the charger.

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