How To Fix iPhone X Can’t Connect To The App Store

iPhone X is a great device to use, but some iPhone X users have just reported some problems relating to the App Store as they were unable to connect to the App Store when launching the app. It’s an uncommon issue, but there are still some quick solutions to help in fixing this. If you are also bugged with this same issue,  here are some tips to help you fix the “iPhone X Cant Connect to the App Store” issue.

Check Your Wi-Fi/Mobile Data

You cannot access the App Store without the internet connection. So, check and then make sure the Wi-Fi is working stably. If there is a problem with the Wi-Fi connection, you can troubleshoot it. There are many Wi-Fi providers restricting the access to App Store to prevent the downloads. In that case, your App Store won’t connect and you will have to use an alternative.

If you are using Mobile Data, you should check if there is a network issue with the service provider. Once your internet connection returns, your App Store will re-connect too.

Run Out Of Data

Even your iPhone X has the permission to download apps on the cellular data, there is also a high chance that you have run out of data in that month. Just contact your service provider for further details. You should also keep tracking the internet usage in order to know the maximum data you can use in a day.

Sign Out And Log In Again

One of the simplest solutions to fix this problem is logging out of and sign it back in. This may help the App Store re-connect. Here is what you should do:

  • Launch Settings app
  • Scroll down and choose iTunes & App Store
  • Tap on your Apple ID and then Sign it Out

Wait for a few minutes and follow the same procedure to go to Apple ID. Sign in Apple ID and password again. Now open App Store and check if it is working.

Check For Updates

Apple frequently rolls out the new updates to keep your phone updated and fix some bugs and other glitches. You can check for any updates by heading to:

Settings > General > Software Updates. If there is an update available, just can download and install it on your phone. Once done, restart your iPhone X and launch the App Store again, and check if it is working.

Update Date & Time

The App Store requires your iPhone to have a correct time and date to run properly. So make sure the date and time on your device are set to your time zone. To do so

  • Head to Settings
  • Tap on General > Date & Time and make the adjustments.

You can also choose Set Automatically. By this way, if you are traveling, you won’t have to worry about changing manually the date and time. Your iPhone X will detect the new time zone and the date.
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Reset Network Settings

The last resort to fix this problem is resetting the network settings of your iPhone X. To do that:

  • Launch Settings app
  • Now, tap on General
  • Now choose Reset > Reset Network Settings

Once your iPhone is booted up, connect the Wi-Fi network again and then check if the issue has been fixed or not.

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