iPhone XI- Replacement For iPhone X In 2018

iPhone X was the center of the smartphone market in 2017 and surely was the most significant flagship of Apple. However, there are some recent rumors indicating that Apple will make the special things in 2018 for its users.

The devices that will be releasing this year are Apple’s smartphone ambitions. According to the latest rumor, Apple is planning to discontinue the iPhone x model and they just remain the design of iPhone X. It seems that Apple won’t sell its iPhone X at a discounted price.

The Apple devices released this year are still a mystery and nobody can guarantee anything. However, regarding the depiction of the iDrop News, it’s possible for a release of “iPhone XI” this year. Below is a lineup of iPhones for 2018.

Three New iPhones to be Launched in 2018

Similar to 2017 lineup, Apple is predicted to be going to introduce 3 new iPhones this year. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, said that there were high chances that the successor of iPhone X, iPhone XI will be launched this year. It will come with the same features as the iPhone X such as the edge-to-edge 5.8-inch display and dual camera, FaceID and other great features.

iPhone XI New Features

Some rumors suggest that there will be an “iPhone X Plus” with a larger screen than the display of iPhone X and feature a huge 6.5-inch display size. Finally, there will be one more device that comes with an LCD panel, which is the same panel on iPhone 8 & 8 Plus so that Apple can reduce the price of its iPhone. The rumored phone can feature a 6.1-inch display with a metal construction.

iPhone X-Similar Design & Face ID

According to many analysts all around the world, Apple will be stopping the edge-to-edge design on iPhone in its upcoming iPhones. So, you should start saving up your money from now for a lower-cost LCD iPhone, which is expected to be launched this year and there is a high chance it will bring a big success for Apple. Moreover, it is expected that Apple will also integrate Face ID in all lineup this year.The KGI Securities have also predicted that the metal frame will be made for faster data transmissions.

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Dual Camera with New TrueDepth Sensors

There are a few rumors that Apple will remove the TrueDepth system in the rear-facing camera because the process of its production was difficult. However, according to Martin Hajek, Apple will use a set of TrueDepth sensors when mounting them vertically and creating the dual-directional components.

Finally, this will result in the iPhone XI to integrate Face ID capabilities with the rear facing AR. The two TrueDepth sensors will be combined.

Flush Camera, Slimmer Bezels

The bezels on the upcoming iPhones are expected to be thinner. Although iPhone X did its great job with the thin bezels, Apple wants to take a further step. The company might take a slight inspiration from the Android by introducing the Touch ID, embedding on the power button. All the three iPhones in the upcoming line up will have dual lens cameras along with optical image stabilization.

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What Will New iPhones Be Called?

Last year, Apple made its fans surprised when the company ended the traditional naming conventions, so you can expect names that are more interesting this year. The low-cost iPhone may be named simply “iPhone,” while the successor of iPhone X can name “iPhone XI” or “iPhone X (2018) or ‘iPhone X Plus”

Release Date of iPhone XI

Some rumors suggest that iPhone XI will be launched this year and we know how creative Apple is. Every time the company introduces something new, it then becomes the headlines. Although we’re not sure the release time of the next iPhones, they are expected to be around September 2018.

These are all information relating the new iPhone models. However, nothing is guaranteed and nobody yet knows what Apple will bring for its fans this year.

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