Top Fun Apps For iPhone X

iPhone X comes with distinctive features of the future and a huge 5.8-inch display and an impressive edge-to-edge screen. But there are still several apps and games when being opened on iPhone X , they appear the black bars on the top and bottom, which cause the annoyance for using an app or playing a game in such situations. However, until now there are also certain apps that support an iPhone X’s screen. Here is a list of the best fun apps for your iPhone X.


The app helps to take a ride. When using it, you will be able to share your ride with other people and then reach your destination on a budget. Each driver is rated by the passenger and is just the ones who have the highest reviews sent back on the road. So, all you have to do is specifying the place.

Download Lyft

The Machines


With the AR support on iOS 11, iPhone X is the ideal iOS device that is optimized to run AR based apps. The Machines is an action game that allows the player to glide through the battlefield right on a stable. Since it’s a multi-player game, so you will have to fight with your enemies to take your position. The game will certainly bring you a great experience with the amazing graphics and 3D sound. You can also add more friends through an invite link and then challenge them to a battle.

Download The Machines

Super Mario Run

It is one of the interesting games for iPhone X. We all know Mario and love him. Before purchasing this game, you are allowed to experience it with four modes for free. In this game, there will be several challenges and you will be able to play the World Tour mode. The story mode is still the same, as you have to rescue Princess Peach. There will be more characters for you to select.

Download Super Mario Run



Although it’s a paid app, it is still one of the best apps for your iPhone X. The apps include the movies, original series, and so many. There are also new additions made to the current list every day. You can look for your favorite movies in the Search bar. Based on your liking, Netflix will recommend the shows and movies to you. A Netflix account can add up to five individual profiles and each profile has a personalized Netflix experience. Netflix is currently offering a one-month free subscription to the new users.

Download Netflix

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The last one in our recommended list for iPhone X is Pitu. This is a camera, which is very interesting to use. Besides giving the regular filters, Pitu also impresses on the real-time make-up, face slimming and so many. You will see a beautiful background with the 3D decoration. You can also cut a picture, add more effects to it, along with a variety of other features in this app. There are all sorts of stickers as well as filters to make your pictures more interesting, and lively beautiful.

Download Pitu

These are some typical apps and games that you should try on your iPhone X. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.

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