How To Get A Refund From iTunes/ App Store For Purchases

Although Apple does not offer the refunds, you can get your money back if you have a trouble with a movie, TV show, book or an app, which you purchased from iTunes /App Store.

You bought an app or a book, movie but it did not work, you can ask Apple for a refund. You are applied to if you are getting a real problem. Apple does not allow you to use this way as a solution to trial apps or get the free movie or TV show rentals.

As you need a reasonable reason to ask for an app refund, so you are not allowed to watch a movie and then ask for a refund. Here is how you can get a refund from iTunes or App Store for the purchases.

Get a Refund From iPhone or iPad


You can ask for a refund directly from your iPhone /iPad to Apple by sending a request. To do so:

  1. Launch Mail, or the Mail app with the emails that you link to your device account.
  2. Next, search for “Your receipt from Apple“, and you will see many results.
  3. Tap the emails to find the receipt that includes the item you want to refund.
  4. If there are many options, you can search for the name in your email.
  5. Now, tap on Report a Problem
  6. Sign in and then follow the on-screen instruction.

From there, do the same directions as if you report from the web. You can do the same on Mac or PC.

Get an iTunes or App Refund Online


You can ask Apple for a refund from the web without having to launch iTunes. All you need is to know your Apple ID and password.

  1. Go to your browser.
  2. Log in your Apple ID and password.
  3. Select the right section relating to your refund at the top
  4. Take note at your purchase and choose Report a Problem.
  5. Choose the right reason for your refund.
  6. Type in a description of the problem.
  7. Finally, submit it to Apple.

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Get a Refund in iTunes


From your Mac or Windows PC, open iTunes and ask a refund for music, movies, and apps easily.

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Choose iTunes Store and then select Account and type in your password.
  3. Click See All from the Purchase History
  4. Search for the purchase you want a refund and then click on More.
  5. Click on Report a Problem.
  6. You will be directly taken to the Apple website where you can explain the issue in the box and then send the request for a refund.

Although Apple does not grant all refund requests, if you are having the real trouble with watching or using to what you paid for, a refund will be made. The refund process will take a few days and the money will be resent to your credit card or debit card.

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