iOS 11.3 Beta 2: A New Battery Health Feature

Apple has officially released the second beta version of iOS 11.3 with some pretty cool features, including the biggest feature that many of us have been waiting for: CPU throttling on phones old battery. Here are new things you should know in iOS 11.3, when it’s released, as well as how to install the beta.

What’s in iOS 11.3?
Battery and Performance

As promised, Apple added the power management to the battery settings in iOS 11.3 beta 2 update. iOS users can now check their overall battery health and will be advised if it’s time for the battery to be serviced. You will be prompted if the battery on your phone is triggering a chip slowdown, and select to turn it off. However, this feature is only available for iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models.


To check this feature, simply go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health (Beta) and you will see the peak capacity and if your phone is capable of sustaining peak performance or. If your iPhone is slowing down when the battery can no longer deliver the peak voltage for the best performance, you will see a notification.

iCloud Messages


The first developer beta of iOS 11.3 allows syncing messages on iCloud. You can now be able to store all your Messages on your iCloud account and keep everything in synchronization between your iOS and macOS devices. If you sign into a new device, you can then see your whole Messages history.


In iOS 11.3 beta version, iPhone X users will have four new Animoji, including a lion, bear, skull, and dragon.


If your iPhone/iPad is running iOS 11.3 beta and your Apple TV is also running on tvOS 11.3 beta version, you can try the new multi-room audio feature of AirPlay 2 to play back audio on multiple Apple TV devices in several locations. It also allows controlling different audio playback on different devices at once directly from your iOS device.

Although it’s the main feature of AirPlay 2, it’s not really handy for those with multiple Apple TV devices. The multi-room audio feature will support the third-party speakers and Apple’s HomePod in the next updates.

Safari 11.1

iOS 11.3 comes with Safari 11.1 version. This new build includes a number of new features, such as:

  • Service Workers: Implement background scripts for the offline web apps and load web pages faster.
  • Payment Request: Give a compatible payment experience in Safari with a standards-based API.
  • Security Improvements. Better protection against memory corruption.
  • Web Inspector Updates. Redesign the Network Tab and the Styles sidebar.

Safari 11.1will support better password autofill, Reader mode, and protection against the cross-site web tracking.

Health Records

iOS 11.3 will also feature a new Health Records app that aims to streamline patients’ medical data across health-care providers. According to Apple, the passcode-protected app will collect health data from various institutions and organize it into a single view, including notifications for lab results, medications, conditions.

Business chat

There is a new feature, called Business Chat added to Messages, which allows users to communicate directly with businesses, including Discover, Lowe’s, Hilton, and Wells Fargo. You can now schedule the service appointments or even make purchases without needing to share contact information.

ARKit 1.5

With ARKit 1.5, Apple is upping its AR game in iOS 11.3 version with the immersive AR experiences when giving them the tools to power a new generation of AR apps. The new ARKit can recognize and then place the virtual objects on vertical surfaces such as walls, tables or even non-square surfaces.

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Videos in Music and News

Besides above features, iOS 11.3 comes with the music videos inside Apple Music as well as news video clips in Apple News. But we are not sure if this feature will have the impact on the navigation in Apple Music.

When will iOS 11.3 be released?

Apple never announces the launch dates for iOS updates. Since there are only two beta versions, so we should wait for at least four or five beta releases until the official launch. We think the iOS 11.3 will be available in March.

How can you get iOS 11.3 beta?

If you’re already a developer, you can receive the updates from the Apple Developer site.

If you’re just a normal user but want to experience the beta test, you have to head to on your iPhone/iPad. Enroll an account with your Apple ID, and download a special profile, which lets your device download the beta updates. From then, every time there is a new beta available, it will be delivered just as regular iOS updates and you’ll get a notification. Simply check manually by heading to Settings > General > Software Update.


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