Common AirPods Problems And Their Fixes

The latest update released for AirPods from Apple helped to solve many issues, but there are still some problems that users have been facing when switching between their iPhone and Mac. However, they are just the common problems and it’s not difficult to fix most of them. So, in this post, we’ll show you how to solve the AirPods problems as well as what to do if you have to reset them.

Fix AirPods That Won’t Connect

If your AirPods cannot connect to the device that you are using to pair with, then you simply follow the below instruction:

  • Put your AirPods in the case and wait for 10 seconds. After that, take them out and immediately put them in your ears.
  • Wait for 3-5 seconds and the AirPods will then automatically connect to the device you usually use them.

Another method you can try is disabling Bluetooth on your iOS device and then turning it back on. Once done, check again if the problem has been fixed.

Fix AirPods Call Disconnect Issues

Some users have recently complained that their AirPods disconnected on calls. There are many factors causing the AirPods to disconnect while you are on a call. To fix the issues, the first thing you can try is taking a call only with one AirPod. After that, check if it works normally without any problem.

You can set the AirPods to use the right or left for the microphone by heading to Settings -> Bluetooth and tap on the i icon on the right of AirPods. Select Microphone > choose left or right.

You can try disabling Automatic Ear Detection as well. Although this means the AirPods cannot recognize if they are in your ear, and you can miss some features, it could help you know why your AirPods disconnects during calls. Go to Settings -> Bluetooth > tap on i icon and turn Automatic Ear Detection on.

You can also restart your iPhone and charge your AirPods fully. If that doesn’t fix, you perform a reset of AirPods.

Fix AirPods Not Connecting to Mac

If your Mac is older, it can be hard when connecting the AirPods to it. Some users ran into issues with their Mac Pro. The steps are very simple, but you forget to turn Bluetooth off on your Mac in case you only have a Bluetooth mouse.

In that case, you need to unpair the AirPods from your Mac and then re-pair them again. iCloud will then re-connect them to the other devices.

Just navigate to System Preferences -> Bluetooth and click on AirPods. Next, click on X to unpair them. You can also unpair them from other devices connected to them such as your iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watch. Try to turn off all other devices after unpairing them.

On your Mac, go to the Bluetooth settings and pair the AirPods again. iCloud should then sync the connection to other devices again. It’s a useful way to fix your Mac AirPods connection issues.

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Fix Bad AirPods Battery Life

If you feel the battery life of your AirPods is not good enough as your expectation, you should ensure to enable the automatic detection. The feature will pause the AirPods when you remove them, which will help you save battery life for longer use. To do so, head to Settings -> Bluetooth and tap on the i icon to the right of your AirPods. Next, toggle Automatic Ear Detection to On.

You should also avoid flicking the case open and closed near your iOS device. Although we’re not sure if this drains your AirPods battery life, it triggers an AirPods animation on your iPhone, which causes a feeling that some kind of Bluetooth handshake can occur.

How To Reset AirPods

Resetting AirPods will take you about 15 seconds and this will help in solving a number of the common AirPods problems, other connectivity issues as well as the glitchy AirPods behavior. To do so:

  1. Put your AirPods into the case.
  2. Hold the button on the back for about 15 seconds.
  3. When you see the small LED flashes orange, which means the process is complete.
  4. Open the case and try reconnecting.
  5. iCloud will then start syncing the connection to other devices.

After resetting AirPods, you will see they connected faster and more reliably. It’s worth trying in case your AirPods have problems, which cannot be fixed in normal ways.

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