How To Use Cool New Features On iOS 11.3

If you are waiting for the latest iOS version from Apple, then the official iOS 11.3 version is now available for all supported iOS devices. This version comes with a number of great new features that you might want to find out the features like Battery Health, and other bug fixes as well as the enhanced performance. And here’s how you can find the most compelling features and updates in iOS 11.3.

How to update to iOS 11.3 version

If you’re a longtime iOS user, updating to iOS version is extremely easy. Here’s how:

  • Connect your device to a stable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Launch Settings app and tap on General
  • Tap on “Software Update.”
  • Wait for your device to check for the update.
  • Start downloading the iOS 11.3 version when you see the update. The process will take some time, depending on the connection. Once done, the device will automatically begin installing iOS 11.3.

In case your device cannot find the update, just plug your phone into the computer; launch iTunes to check for your update. Click on your device icon, and on the Summary tab, click on Update to download and install the update.

After you get the update on your iOS device, you will see that Apple doesn’t show any big notification on the home screen to instruct you all the new features, but it’s not a problem. Here’s what’s worth knowing:

Battery Health

Apple had to receive a lot of criticisms late last year due to decreasing the performance of older iPhones in an effort to ensure they work well enough. However, if you are caring about a speedy iPhone than the one that can use for an entire day with a single charge, you can choose between the performance or battery life compromise on the iOS 11.3 version.

  • Launch the Settings app, and tap on Battery, then Battery Health (Beta).
  • From there, you can see your battery’s maximum capacity. If it’s100%, which is excellent, or you will see a popup for a battery replacement if the battery is old and affects the performance.

If you want to disable the Apple’s battery throttling, simply tap on the small blue hyperlink to enable it. If your phone is running in the tip-top shape, you cannot disable the battery throttling, so you should ensure to check this feature regularly.

New Animoji

On the iOS 11.3 update, you can easily send the interesting messages to your friends by using a virtual lion, bear, or other animals. You can find all of animojies in the same place.

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Business Chat

Do you know that you can chat with businesses or the AI bots on the social networks? Although the iOS 11.3 version takes these conversations directly into messages, it’s completely hit-or-miss for you to chat with a business.

You will see a prompt with a small indicator, which allows you to start a Messages chat with a business when searching for a number of places, like Safari, Siri, or even Spotlight.

There is only a small list of businesses for you to actively chat with.  Instead, you’ll need to check if the company that you’d like to talk to supports the feature when you feel conversational. All you need is searching for the small Messages icon near the company’s name from a Spotlight search and then start the chat.


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