How to sign PDF documents on iOS

Adding your signature to a PDF file is pretty simple, where Markup tools are available, including stock Apple apps such as Mail, Photos, Notes, and others. Apple has also brought the similar Markup features in macOS versions that allow you to freely sign a PDF document in Preview with the help of Mac’s trackpad. Signing documents is a great & useful feature.

If someone happens to email you an important document that needs you to quickly sign online. But now with Markup, you don’t have to print out the document, use the traditional way that is a pencil to sign the name, and scan the printout to send it as an attachment. Before getting started, keep in mind that Markup features will require your device running iOS 9.0 or later.

How to sign PDFs on iOS

You can easily add your saved signature or sign it in a document manually.

1) Launch a PDF document you want to sign digitally in an app supporting Markup:

  • Files: Open a PDF file and then tap on Markup.
  • Messages: Attach a photo/file, tap on it in the bubble then select Markup.
  • Safari: Visit a webpage, select Create PDF from the Share menu, tap on Markup.
  • Mail: Open a message, tap an attachment and choose Markup.
  • Photos: Choose a photo, tap on Edit, and tap “…”. Next, select Markup from the popup.
  • Notes: Select a document, then tap on Markup from the Share menu.
  • Other apps: Create a PDF file to mark up anything.

2) Next, tap on + at the bottom of the Markup.

3) Tap on the Signature icon in the popup.

4) Sign your name using your fingers, or Apple Pencil.

5) Simply drag your inserted signature and move it around. You can also resize your digital signature by tapping on the blue buttons to shrink or expand the box.

6) Tap on Done to apply the changes.

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How to save and manage your signatures

You can easily add more signatures to use again and later if you like. To do so:

1) Launch a document in the Files app.

2) Tap on the Markup icon on the top screen.

3) Tap on + icon at the bottom Markup interface.

4) Select Add or Remove Signature from the menu.

You can add as many new signatures as your liking or delete the current ones.

  • Remove a signature: Tap  icon then tap on Delete.
  • Add a signature: Tap +, sign a new signature and tap on Done.

If you don’t feel satisfied with your digital signature, just tap on Clear to start from the scratch. Once done, tap Done to save your new signature and you can insert it into your document.

If you are using an iPad Pro or the 2018 iPad, you can use the Apple Pencil to scrawl your signature. Your saved signatures will then be synced across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac as long as you log in the same iCloud account. Additionally, any signatures created in Preview for Mac will also automatically be saved in the iOS signature inserter.

You can also take advantage of the Markup tools to sign an agreement attached to an email message and then immediately send it without needing to switch apps.

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