3 Cool Spark Email Features to Save Your Time

If you intend to switch to an email third-party app for email, a terrific app here is Spark., then you should know some features. The application currently works with iOS and macOS supporting Apple Watch, so you can easily use it on almost Apple devices. Additionally, Spark offers other interesting features such as labels, folder management, Touch ID inbox protection and more. Three additional Spark features include Quick Replies, Email Scheduling, and Snoozes. Here is how these features work.

Quick Replies

When opening an email, there will be a Quick Replies bar at the bottom. Just with a tap, you can easily send a reply saying “thanks,” or “great idea.” Once you tap the Quick Reply you want, the email is on its way without the need for further actions. You can easily set up your own using the convenient built-in replies.

  • Open an email and tap on Morein the Quick Replies bar or choose Settings > Quick Replies from the main menu.
  • Tap on Add new in the bottom of the Quick Replies.
  • Name your reply, enter the text you want to send, and pick up an icon.
  • Tap on Done.

You will see the Edit option from Quick Replies. When tapping on it, you can then remove or rearrange the replies. You can also move those to the top or delete others you don’t want.

Email Scheduling

Do you ever want to write up your emails without sending them until a certain time? If yes, Email Scheduling will allow you to do this.

You can easily schedule an email when replying, forwarding, or composing a new email. With these actions, all you need is tapping on the icon at the right bottom displayed as a “send plus clock combo”.

  • Choose the time for sending the email such as Later Today, This Evening, or Tomorrow. It also lets you set up a custom date and time by choosing the Pick date
  • If you want to change date & time, just tap on it and choose a new one or tap on the X if you want to delete it.

This feature helps you save time for typing and sending an email at the exact time. Reply, forward, or compose messages can be sent at any time.

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Customizable Snoozes

You have read an email, but you wanted to follow up later, Spark gives you a snooze feature, which is the same with the one on your alarm clock.

  • Tap on the clock icon at the top right to snooze opening the email you want
  • Choose your snooze option and it will then automatically apply. There is also an option to enable an alert. When that date and time arrives, you will then see the email appearing in your inbox as a reminder.

If you want to customize your snooze options, it’s very easy.

  • Tap on Customize in the snooze window or choose Settings > Snoozes from the main menu.
  • Choose your favorite snooze options, and adjust the times if you want, and turn on the default alert.

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