How To Add A Trusted Phone Number For Two-Factor Authentication

If you have not yet to activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) protection for your Apple ID account, we recommend you to do it at your earliest convenience. But you should note that Two-Factor Authentication is completely different from Two-Step Verification, which is an old and less secure method on OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 versions.

Without 2FA enabled, a nefarious party will be able to access your data such as contacts, calendars, emails and your private information, and so forth. With 2FA activation, your Apple ID username and password are no longer enough to access the Apple services. Every login on a new device will require a further authorization with a six-digit code displayed on your trusted devices. So Two Factor Authentication will improve the security of your personal information.

On iOS 10.3 or later, you can enable 2FA in Settings → your name→ Password & Security → Enable Two-Factor Authentication. If your device is running on iOS 10.2 or earlier, simply head to  Settings → iCloud → your Apple ID → Password & Security and activate Two-Factor Authentication feature.

On the Mac, go to System Preferences → iCloud → Account Details → Security → enable Two-Factor Authentication. You can be asked to answer your security questions.

Activating 2FA requires you to provide the username, password of your Apple IS as well as a verification code every time you sign into Apple services or iCloud on a new device.

However, what would you do if you are no longer able to access any of your trusted devices or your 2FA recovery key? You should not worry since 2FA can authorize your identity with a verification code, which is sent to a trusted phone number. So, if you don’t know how to add a trusted phone number for 2FA, here is how you can do it.

How to add a trusted phone number for 2FA

To add a trusted phone number for 2FA verification, you simply follow the below steps:

  • Launch any browser,  visit
  • Log in with your Apple ID username as well as password.
  • From the Security section, click on the Edit
  • Click the Add a Trusted Phone Number option.
  • Select your country in the popup menu.

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Enter the mobile phone number that you want to use with 2FA. Remember to avoid prefixing your phone number with your country code since you selected your country in the previous step.

  • Select the method to verify

SMS: Click on the Text Message button to verify the number with a message

Phone call: If the phone number you provide cannot receive the SMS message, click on the Phone Call button to verify it with a phone call. You should also avoid registering your Skype number with 2FA to avoid complications.

  • Click on Continue.
  • Enter the six-digit verification code sent to the number that you provided in the previous step. If you have not yet to receive the code, click on the Send a new code button. Just click on Cancel to abort the operation.
  • Once your phone number is verified, click Done in the upper-right corner to apply all your changes.

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