How To Delete Multiple Emails On iPhone/iPad

It’s no doubt as Email is now one of the most popular communication sources across devices. You can easily use the mail app on your iOS device to send and receive several emails. But there are also a number of emails that you no longer want to keep them. So, you should think about removing them from time to time. It can help you in many ways since it comes with an easy interface to see all necessary emails in your app. Therefore, you should know how to delete multiple emails on your iPhone/iPad and this post will help you.

How to Delete Multiple Emails on iOS

We are going to show you a complete step by step guide to help you delete multiple emails in the Mail app on your iPhone/iPad. All you need is doing the following procedures to know the bulk email deletion process.

Step 1: Filter Your Email

First of all, you have to filter your mail. You can do it with available emails. Simply select them as unread emails, Junk, Archive, or other options available.

After that, just click on icons from the lower left side to expand the options. You can also choose Unread or Flagged mail.

Step 2: Save Necessary Emails

This step is very important so that you could look after your important emails. You can easily check all emails and then choose the mail that you want to keep.

Once you selected the mails, simply press the folder button at the bottom to move them to a new different mailbox.

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Step 3: Start Bulk Deletion

When you are sure that there is not any important mail, you can then remove the bulk emails. To do so, simply tap on “Edit” button in the upper-right corner. From the edit mode, you have to select one email by clicking on the circle locating at the left of it. Next, you follow the next step.

Step 4: Do the Deletion

It can be considered as the last step and will quickly be deleting multiple unnecessary e-mails at the same time. All you need is taping on and holding “Move” button which locates at your screen bottom.

Next, you have to deselect the emails which you have already chosen in the previous step and put the finger away from the Move option. This will choose all filtered view emails altogether. Finally, simply tap on “Trash” option on the next screen to quickly delete all of the chosen emails.

So, this is the step-by-step procedure that you can follow to delete multiple unnecessary emails without needing to select and delete all emails one by one.  This action will help you save much your important time and you don’t feel depressed about deleting multiple emails one by one.

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