Hidden Tips Of 3D Touch That You Might Not Know

3D Touch is a pressure sensitive touch feature, which was integrated on the iPhone 6S, 7, 7Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X. When pressing harder on an app icon on the screen, your device will detect it and you can then do something different from only tapping on it. We’ve already collected the 3D Touch basics, so let’s get a little deeper.

Clear All Your Notifications 

Clearing notifications from the Notification Center might be a small pain and require at least a few taps. However, with 3 Touch feature, you simply 3D Touch on the little X, and then choose the “Clear All Notifications” option.

Jump to Any App in a Folder

Folders are a great choice if you want to sort your apps but digging through a folder to find an app is never fun. But if you 3D touch on a folder with notifications, there will be a list of the apps that are having notifications.

Enable AirDrop and Personal Hotspot

The Control Center is now more powerful than it used to be, but it still misses a few options, like activating AirDrop as well as Personal Hotspot. So, to get access to them, simply 3D Touch the connection options.

Prioritize App Store Downloads

If you’re downloading a number of apps from App Store, or restore your phone from a backup, or there are a lot of updates, you can 3D Touch a downloading app to prioritize which apps get first and then choose the “Prioritize Download” option. By this way, you can have the important apps run first.

Take a Selfie or Record a Video

There are a number of apps that have quick shortcuts when 3D pressing them on the Home Screen, but the Camera app is extremely useful since you can easily jump into a particular mode. 3D Touching on the Camera app will bring up options for taking a selfie, recording video, or just taking a photo. It’s helpful when you want to capture something quickly.

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Save an Image from the Web

Although you cannot just download any image and then use it as your favorite, there are also a number of non-copyright infringing reasons that you want to save an image from a web. The quickest way is 3D Touching that image, swipe up, and choose the “Save Image” option.

Delete Text You’ve Typed

The longer you hold the backspace key in your iOS’s keyboard, the faster it will delete text. But if you start off by 3D Touching the key, you will delete the text faster.

Stop Google Serving AMP Pages

Some of you might be a big fan of Google’s AMP project. But others aren’t as much of a fan; you can easily use the 3D Touch in order to avoid it. Whenever there is an AMP link in a Google search, simply 3D Touch it till it opens, and Google will then skip the AMP page and you will be straightly directed to the regular website.

These are some small tips that you can use with 3D Touch. If you know other useful tips, let’s know in the comment below.


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