How to manually offload unused apps

If you want more free storage space for an iOS update or other file media, , then we recommend you to offload the biggest storage hogs, especially after a long period of no use. It’s a process that deletes app code from your iOS device while remaining any settings or documents you’ve already created within the offloaded app.

Offloading will keep all your data and documents associated with an app, and when you re-install the app, you won’t need to start from scratch. Here is to manually offload unused apps.

How to manually offload unused apps

Since offloading is different from deleting, so when you delete an app from your iPhone/iPad, you will need to tap and hold on its icon until the icon starts jiggling, and then hit the “x” in the upper-left corner. Instead, to offload an app, you should do the following steps:

1) Launch the Settings app on your device.

2) Tap on General.

3) Choose your iPhone Storage option.

4) Tap an app you want to offload.

5) Tap on Offload App.

6) Select Offload App from the popup to confirm your choice.

Keep in mind again that offloading just delete app binary and still holds to your documents and data within it. You can also re-download your purchased apps or content later.

How to reinstall offloaded apps

Offloading still keeps an app’s icon so that you can then recall it just by a tap. Reinstalling an app will bring back any data and documents you previously created within it prior to offloading. If that offloaded app is not available on App Store anymore, you should not be permitted to reinstall it. Here are four ways to bring back offloaded apps.

Method 1: Home screen

You will see icons of your offloaded apps, which is a tiny cloud symbol, making it easier for you to distinguish between regular and offload apps. To do so:

1) From your Home screen, tap on the offloaded app’s icon.

2) The app will start re-downloading.

Method 2: Search

Offloaded apps will also appear in iOS Search results.

1) From your Home screen, pull down to open Search.

2) Start typing the app’s name, then tap on it from results.

Doing this will prompt your iOS device to automatically re-download the offloaded app from App Store, without intervention. Once done, the app will automatically be synced with its saved documents and data so that you can continue to use it as before.

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Method 3: Storage settings

To get an offloaded app back through your storage settings, just follow these steps:

1) Launch Settings app on your device

2) Tap on General.

3) Select your iPhone Storage option.

4) Tap an offloaded app you want to reinstall.

5) Tap on Reinstall App

The app will now re-download your content and settings.

Method 4: App Store / Siri

The last method to re-install offload apps is through App Store.

1) Launch App Store on your device.

2) Use the search tab to find your offload app.

3) Tap on it, and then hit the cloud icon on the next screen to start re-downloading it.

You can also ask Siri to open an app you’ve offloaded.

Automatically offload apps

You can also tell your iOS device to automatically offload apps when the phone’s storage is low. To do so, just toggle the switch next to Offload Unused Apps in Settings →  iTunes & App Store to off.

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