How to use Night Shift for Mac

Night Shift is a great feature for all MacOS users, not only for people having trouble with vision problems. With Night Shift feature, your Mac will change the color temperature of the display. Filtering blue wavelengths can cut down bright blue light that disrupts your sleep. The feature is the same with the functionality that the app f.lux offers.

Night Shift for prerequisites

The Night Shift feature takes advantage of clock and geolocation on your Mac to decide when it’s sunset according to your location. If you turn Location Services off in System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy, Night Shift does not work properly.

However, you should ensure that you allow your Mac to use time zone information. To do so, go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy and click on Details near System Services at the bottom and choose Time Zone box. You can control Night Shift manually but you have to remember to disable it.

If you choose Night Shift in manual mode, your computer will not use clock and geolocation information to determine when the sun sets down.

How to set up Night Shift for Mac

By default, Night Shift is automatically enabled at sunset and then turned off at sunrise, but you can enable and disable it on a custom schedule.

1) Go to System Preferences from the Apple menu (the Dock).

2) Click on the Displays tab

3) Select the Night Shift tab.

4) Next, adjust Night Shift features:

  • Schedule: Click on the Schedule menu, you can then choose an option:
    • Off: If you don’t want Night Shift to turn on automatically.
    • Custom: Create a schedule when Night Shift is turned on and off.
    • Sunset to Sunrise: Turn on Night Shift from sunset to sunrise.
  • Manual: Manually control Night Shift.
  • Color Temperature: Drag the slider to change your favorite color temperature.

5) Close the System Preferences window


You can set a custom schedule and still enable/disable it manually.

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Control Night Shift for Mac manually

It’s very helpful if you’d like the scheduled Night Shift mode, but you can freely switch the feature on or off at the same time when in a darkened room. Simply tick or untick the Manual checkbox to turn Night Shift on or off manually.

You can tick the Manual checkbox if you want to turn Night Shift on until 7 am the next day. If you choose to use a schedule, Night Shift will automatically turn off at the scheduled time.

In case Night Shift is on, deselecting the checkbox will turn it off. If you use a scheduled Night Shift mode, the feature will turn on again.

Access Night Shift from Notification Center

Night Shift can be turned on or off manually directly from the Notification Center on your Mac. To do so,

1) Use two fingers to swipe left from the right edge of the trackpad to access Notification Center or simply click on the Notification Center icon in the menu bar.

2) Next, swipe down to open the hidden Night Shift button at the top.

3) Click on Night Shift button to toggle the feature on and off.

The Schedule feature is what that people use most.

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