Fix Maximum Number of Free Accounts Activated

Apple has never been excellent for setting up restrictions on their two popular ecosystems: iOS and Mac OS X. But, to keep the operation on an Apple device more easily and safer at user’s end, the company had to keep these restrictions. Apple’s business concerns are not exceptions as well. One example is the limitation of iCloud account usage in an Apple account. With each Apple ID, a user can only open three iCloud accounts. If someone tries to add a fourth account, there will be an error showing up on the screen as a prompt message, and the user cannot do so.

Fix Maximum Number of Free Accounts Activated

The maximum number of iCloud accounts prevents a user from getting unlimited iCloud Storage for free. Each iCloud account is provided a specific amount of storage for free. If the user wants more there are few payment options to choose from. Although three iCloud accounts under an Apple ID account share the same storage space, only Contacts, Calendars, and Notes still have an individual storage space. That’s also ample, thus Apple pulled the strings for the sake of resource protection in their servers.

But the error could happen in case you are using a second- hand iPhone and forgot to clear the previous iCloud credentials. You not just get an unwanted restriction on creating iCloud accounts, but you are also facing a risk of an iCloud lock. This could happen if the previous user marks the iPhone as lost or stolen. However, you don’t need to worry as there is a method to fix this error and it doesn’t require any advanced knowledge. All you need is a stable internet connection, and the device you are getting trouble with.

For Windows Computers

In order to solve the maximum account issue on an iOS device, you need to login into your iCloud account with an Apple ID on your computer by using the iCloud for Windows software. You can download the iCloud control software on iCloud website, and it’s free distribution.

Once you have successfully installed the software on your computer, simply log in to iCloud with your Apple credentials, and also sign in on your iOS device using the same credentials. Your iPhone would then detect the login as an old Apple account signed in, and the maximum numbers of free accounts limit would be raised for your Apple ID that you have recently used.

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For Mac Users

If you are using a Mac, you don’t need to download iCloud since it is already located inside System Preference. Sign in with your Apple credentials just like doing on the Windows procedure mentioned, and you will see the output is the same.


Just in case your iPhone shows the ‘the maximum number of free accounts have been activated’ popup on the screen, you then need to perform the tasks as explained. If not, you should only use your device as normal.

That’s how to fix the maximum number of free accounts activated issue. Let’s know your thoughts in the comment below.

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