Top 6 Most Downloaded Apps for iOS Devices

Many people usually search on the internet about top-downloaded iOS apps. By the time, apps become trending and non-trending later. However, the trending apps for iOS devices are never usual. They are amazing apps which make you install on your device. Here is the list of most downloaded apps for iOS devices in the first six months in 2018.

Top 6 Most Downloaded Apps for iOS Devices
  1. Tik Tok

Tik Tok is one of the most download apps for a half year with about 45 million downloads. Basically, it’s also a social media app, which allows editing videos and then uploading them to social media and adjusting them with special effects, texts.

It lets you add magical effects and music to your videos. If you make your videos or you’d like to edit some other videos, Tik Tok might be the best choice for you. You will absolutely have fun with your friends while posting videos on social media.

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  1. YouTube 

The second position in the download apps list of 2018 is YouTube app. According to a recent report, YouTube received more than 35 million downloads in the first six months of 2018. YouTube is a very versatile app which allows you to watch any video you want.

There are hundred billions of videos available on YouTube, so you will nearly get anything on YouTube. In every update released, there are still new features added to it.

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  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp got more than 31 million download times for the half year. WhatsApp first introduced their app in 2009. It’s is a social media app, allows users to chat and call with their friends or family members.

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You can also send text messages, short clips, and images to your friends. Additionally, it lets you post your stories with some effects, doodles as well.

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  1. Instagram

Surprisingly, Instagram ranks fourth on the list and it is one of the most grossing apps on the internet with more than currently active 800 million users. In the three first months of 2018, the app received around 30 million downloads, which is a great number.

Instagram allows you to add and watch the stories posted on the app. You can also use the app to post your photos, videos as well as creative stuff. The Instagram users are also increasing day by day.

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  1. Facebook

Another great app in the list of the most downloaded apps is Facebook. All of us know the benefits when we use the app. You can keep contact with your friends faster, or post statuses, videos, and photos on this social network. When your friends like and comment on your posts, you will receive notifications. In the recent updates, Facebook allows you to watch and comment on live videos.

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  1. WeChat

WeChat is also one of the most popular apps with more than active 900 million users. With WeChat app, you can easily make video calls with your friends or simply chat with your friends if you want.

The app also allows you to send cute stickers, doodles, images, or even short clips to your friends. It’s a great choice to stay connected with friends and your family members since it’s fast and offers some useful features.

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