TunesBro iTunes Backup Viewer Review: The Things iTunes Can’t Do!

Who loves to lose data from their iPhone? Nobody, that’s who. The only problem is, nobody can control what happens to their data, whether it’s on an iTunes backup that asks you for a password that you never set in the first place or some strange case of missing data in spite of being very careful with your phone, data loss, data corruption and loss of access to data is a very big problem that nearly everyone has experienced at one time or another.

So what do you do about it when your iTunes gives up and tells you that you can’t have your backup data for some reason? iTunes is a great tool, no doubt, but it’s not the most reliable when it comes to letting you access your data. That actually happened to me about two months ago, so let me tell you my story.

My Particular Problem with iTunes

The issue I faced was a very specific one. I had multiple backups of my iPhone saved on my desktop, but iTunes wouldn’t let me preview them. In fact, it wouldn’t even let me choose what types of data I wanted to restore to my device. After searching the Internet for about an hour, I called an IT friend of mine who works at a big company called Mic****ft. He’s my go-to guy for all things software, so even though he worked for a rival technology company, I sounded him out about my options.

What he told me was really weird. These were his actual words: “My friend, if you want that kind of capability, don’t depend on iTunes. Have you tried TunesBro yet?”

That’s all he said, and it made me run to my PC to Google TunesBro. At first glance, I was really impressed with the kind of deep-tech products they had, but I was a little intimidated because it looked like they only had tools for IT guys.

Not Just for Techies

I was wrong, and the thing that showed me I was wrong was one name under the products listing – TunesBro iTunes Backup Viewer. This is what I saw:


The arrows are mine, naturally, but this is what got me interested. I then decided to dig into it a little deeper. The site said they had a free trial, so I quickly downloaded it to my MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra (haven’t upgraded to High Sierra yet).

Simplistic, with a Purpose

My first impression was that it was a little simplistic in design, but then I realized that for such a powerful software, a simple design was much more appropriate in order to attract mass-market users, who are the perfect target audience for this software.

The interface is really intuitive, and the demo version got me curious enough to plop down the $36 for the lifetime license. Pretty cheap when you can use it for years and years because they keep upgrading it to include new versions of iOS and new devices. All I had to do is purchase the full version and then register the license through my trial version. No fuss, no hassle.

How TunesBro iTunes Backup Viewer Works

As for the functionality, once I bought the license I discovered how easy it was to use the software. Even a barely tech-educated person like me could easily figure out what to do. Again, I applaud the guys who did the UI/UX part of the software as much as those responsible for the algorithms, coding and other elements.

All I had to do was to pick one iTunes backup, and I was able to preview everything there before deciding what I wanted to restore to my iPhone. I went through other backup files from weeks ago, and the software gave me a precise view of what I needed.


The only thing remaining was to extract all the required data and restore my device. Apple would pay an arm and a leg to have that kind of fluid functionality in iTunes, I’m sure of it.

My One Complaint

As for the pricing part, I did feel that it was a little steep if you only want to use this once in a while. You can’t do any extractions on the trial version, so I would have preferred maybe a limited time free trial license with full functionality after which it would expire and need a full license. Alternatively, they could have allowed one restore process on the free trial so you can really get a feel for the software before spending the thirty-six dollars. But that’s just my opinion. A lot of people wouldn’t mind paying even forty or fifty bucks for the kind of convenience that even Apple doesn’t provide.

Overall, my rating for TunesBro Backup Viewer would be a 9 out of 10. Not that there’s anything I didn’t like about the software, but I would have definitely preferred a more accessible trial version before buying the license.

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