How To Fix iPhone is Disabled Error Without iTunes Restoration

Adding a passcode is a very important step to improve the security of your iOS device. However, some of you might forget the passcode or someone made a lucky guess on your device, then your phone is going to get locked. This is where you will see the ‘iPhone is disabled’ message. But you should not worry as there is a solution to help you.

How to Fix iPhone is Disabled Error 

If you make the passcode wrong 5 times or more, you will see the message your:

  • iPhone 5/ 5S / 6 / 6S / 6S Plus/ SE / 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus / X is disabled

Entering the wrong passcode will give you an option to retry after a few minutes. However, after you make attempts but fail in the end, you will see the ‘iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes’ message.

There will be two options available to you on this instance.

  1. Your phone was synced with iTunes in a computer and there’s a backup available for you.
  2. You have never synced your device with iTunes before
  3. You could access the iCloud account, which is connected to your device.
Method 1: If you have synced your Device with iTunes

With this method, you can then restore your device using the passcode. To do so:

  • Connect your phone to the computer. iTunes will open it automatically. If it does not, go ahead and launch it yourself.

Note: you are asked to enter a passcode, connect your device to another computer that you’ve previously used for iTunes synchronization.

  • In the bottom right of iTunes, right click on your device and click on Back Up.
  • Choose Restore option after the backup is done. You can now restore the device with the backup.

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Method 2: If You have NEVER Synced your Device with iTunes

Once your device is connected to iTunes, you will see errors like:  ‘iTunes can’t connect to the device because it has a passcode applied.’ Follow the steps below to boot your iOS device into Recovery Mode & then restore it with iTunes:

  • Hold the Power up button to power it off. You can also do it by holding the Power button and the Home (Volume Down) button for a few seconds to turn off the phone.
  • Connect a side of the USB cable to iPhone but don’t connect to the computer yet. Then, open iTunes on your computer.
  • Press and hold the Home (Volume Down) button and connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer.
  • Keep holding the button and wait for your phone to turn on. After a few minutes, the ‘Connect to iTunes’ option will appear on your device’s screen. This is where you release the Home button.
  • iTunes will say that your device has now been detected in Recovery Mode. Click on OK and Restore to start restoring.

If you know about Find My iPhone, you can restore your device through Remote Wipe feature. If you currently have an iCloud backup, you should try restoring your device through the backup available. This will help to reset the passcode.

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