How To Fix Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network

Many iOS users have complained that after they upgraded their device to the latest iOS version, the cellular data on their device has stopped working or there was an error message “could not activate cellular data network” appearing on the screen. This issue has occurred with a lot of users, due to software bug during the OTA update. If you are facing this issue after upgrading your phone to the latest version of iOS, you should not panic as it hasn’t been from hardware. As a result of this conflict, you cannot access the internet using the cellular connection.

How to Fix Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network Error

Most apps can be the root of the connection issue. In the Settings, the Cellular Data button might be grey, which can’t be enabled. Here are a few methods to fix “could not activate cellular data network” error on iPhone/ iPad:

  1. Try Updating to latest iOS version

The official iOS 11.4.1 update has been rolled out by Apple. This is a quite important bug fix update for iOS devices to fix cellular data network issues. If you are facing a greyed out Cellular Data button and cannot set up an internet connection, it is strongly recommended that you should update your device to the latest iOS version. You should use Wi-Fi to perform the update over the air (OTA), or if you are the advanced user, you can choose to upgrade firmware by downloading .ipsw files and then flash it through iTunes

  1. Enable Cellular Data

If you hadn’t checked, make sure that cellular data is already turned on. To do so, go to Settings -> Cellular and toggle the switch next to the Cellular Data to a green side if the button is being greyed out. Scroll down to this page to check all apps have been given permission to use cellular data. After that, exit Settings and check if your iOS device is connected to the internet successfully.

  1. Create a New APN

The issue sometimes can be fixed by creating a new APN for your current carrier. You can do it by following the below steps

  • Connect your device to Wi-Fi network
  • Launch Safari browser and visit:
  • Select your country as well as your operator.
  • Tap on “Create APN” to start installing the APN.

Finally, try to activate the cellular network again.

  1. Carrier Settings Update

Sometimes, there are some updates from cellular carriers to fix conflicts between the latest iOS settings and the network’s connectivity settings. In such cases, you can find the cellular updates from Settings > General > About. If there is one available, start the installation.

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  1. Network Operator Problem

Some network operators are providing limited data plans. So, make sure your SIM and you need to have an internet package activated. You should contact your cellular provider to check that for you.

  1. Factory Reset

If none of above methods helps you, you need to wait for other bug fix update from Apple. If not, you should try factory resetting your device as a last resort. Since the process will wipe everything on your device, so remember to create a backup of your data first.

These are solutions to fix “Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network” error on iPhone/iPad. Let’s know in the comment below.


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