How to send Instagram polls through Direct


With polling the followers by using the poll sticker in an Instagram story, you can now send an interactive question privately to anyone in a group conversation via Direct.

The poll sticker previously just worked with the Instagram Stories, which lets the followers vote by tapping a given option or sliding the chosen emoji. However, in the new Instagram update, the poll sticker can now be used in Direct. As we mentioned, everyone in a big group thread can poll or limit your interactive question to a conversation. Before digging into the advantage of the private polling in Direct, you should ensure to update your Instagram app to the latest version from App Store.

How to use polls in Instagram via Direct

All you need is following the below steps to poll people privately on your Instagram.

1) Launch Instagram app on your iPhone.

2) Tap on the paper airplane icon in the top right corner to open your Direct inbox 3) Tap on Camera icon to the right of the user you’d like to message.

You can also tap on a user to open the conversation, and then select the Camera icon at the left side including the text field at the bottom. Hit the plus sign in the top right corner if you want to start a new chat, and then choose one or more contacts for messages. After that, tap on Next then tap on Camera icon near the bottom corner.

4) Now, you need to use the Instagram camera, capture a new photo or video and then send it to a friend. There is also an option to import an existing item from your Photos album. All you need is to tap on the Camera Roll button in the left corner.

5) Tap on the Emoji icon near the top-right corner.

6) Select the Poll sticker.

7) Enter a favorite poll question that you wish to ask one or more followers. You can also type in your own responses if you don’t like the default “Yes” and “No” answers.

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8) Once completed, tap on Done in the right corner.

9) Now, you can move, resize or rotate the poll sticker as your liking. Remember to take advantage of Instagram’s creative tools for adding other stickers or elements to your photo or video.

10) Next, swipe left and right at the bottom to decide how many times the recipient is allowed to view your media before it vanishes automatically.

Here are the following options are at your disposal, including View One, Allow Replay, Keep in Chat.

10) Finally, tap on the Send button at the bottom to send the message to your contact.

Your recipient(s) will then receive photo or video with the interactive poll sticker.

Your friends can also vote just by tapping on a response, and their responses will automatically appear right there and in Direct. When your private poll is responded to someone, you will see how many votes received and how each person voted.

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