How to use Voice Memos app on MacOS

After a long wait, Voice Memos is now available for iPad devices running iOS 12 and Mac computers with macOS Mojave 10.14. Furthermore, Voice Memos now supports iCloud that allows it to keep your recordings in a great synchronization across all your iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Voice Memos is very helpful for journalists, bloggers, and other people, but you can also use it to record anything, like your thoughts, impressions and more.

Voice Memos is one of the new apps that App brings into the Mojave. With the app, your Mac will become a portable device for recording.

Although recoding with your iOS device is more practical, it’s also great when you can use your Mac to record that important information in case you forget your phone at home.

How to use Voice Memos app on Mac

To launch Voice Memos, simply click on your Applications folder. By default, the Voice Memos app is not in the Dock. To put it there, open it and hold its icon in the Dock and choose Options → Keep in Dock.

Make a new recording

To create a brand-new voice memo, you just click on the Record button. If you want to pause recording, click on the Pause button at the bottom of the screen. When clicking on the Resume button, your MacOS will continue recording the memo.

When you finish recording and go back to the memo list, click on Done. Your saved memos are automatically named after your current location.

Edit recordings

Voice Memos offers a basic editing interface that allows you to trim a memo to get unexpected parts, rerecord or deleted a memo segment and do other things.

How to replace a segment

To replace a segment, you first need to choose memo available from the list and then click on Edit in the upper right corner. Clicking on it also opens the selected memo in the editing interface.

Next, drag the vertical blue line alongside the mini-waveform until you feel it reaches your favorite part.

Clicking Replace starts recording from the selected part. You can pause or resume your rerecording at any time, as many times you want. To finish, click Done.

How to trim a recording

You can also trim a memo from the start or end during the recording session. To trim the memo, simply click on the Pause button, and click on Trim icon locating at the upper-right corner.

If you want to trim a saved memo, click on it and choose Edit > click on the Trim icon in the right corner.

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How to delete a segment

You can also delete a segment of your recording the same way you trim a memo. The whole process is the same except for the last step where you have to click on the Delete button instead of Trim button.

Share recordings

You can share a voice memo on your Mac with a friend or save it to a location on your disk drive.

Export recordings

Although your memo can be saved to a custom location on your Mac, you cannot find any Save or Save As commands from the File menu. All you need is to click and hold a memo and then drag it to the desktop on your Mac and then release the finger.

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