How To Unlock iPhone XR To Work With Any Carrier

Three new 2018 iPhone models were officially introduced by Apple in its launch event. All of them inherit the design language of their predecessor, iPhone X. Although iPhone XR is the cheapest model in trio new phones, its retail price is still expensive an iPhone with only an HD+ screen, a single camera, lack of 3D Touch and some of the other features, which costs $749 for lowest version. However, in comparison with Android devices, iPhone XR is still worth buying.

Despite a cheaper price than its siblings, the iPhone XR is still set at flagship segment, and you know the unlocked version is at up to $749, which might be a barrier for those who just have a limited budget. A carrier-locked iPhone XR will be a better choice when you only have to pay a small amount of cash for the phone while still grabbing your beloved smartphone.

However, a locked iPhone comes with a range of drawbacks. The moment you sign your signature into the contract, it means your iPhone XR is also locked to that carrier. You need to accept a truth your iPhone can only work with the SIM card of the carrier you registered and switching to other carriers to use as the global version is possible. You want your iPhone XR to work with any carrier network, you most likely need to unlock your phone first.

Once your phone is unlocked, you can switch to a better value provider with ease, or simply are able to use your package when traveling aboard. Moreover, if you intend to sell your device in the future, for example on eBay, the resale value will also increase since it can work on any network.

  1. Benefits of Unlocking

I know many of you wonder why your iPhone is locked to. The reason is simple. The carrier locks your phone so that you will stay on them for the entire lifetime of your phone, or even longer when you get seduced by the upgrades. However, with unlocking your iPhone, you will be able to easily switch networks and save a large amount of money monthly. Your upgrade cycle can also be postponed up to 12 months and you can switch to a SIM only deal with ease, which does not require paying as much as a standard contract while still getting the same offers.

Here are 3 reasons why you should unlock your iPhone XR.

  • Firstly, you can easily switch to a cheaper network once your iPhone is unlocked.
  • Secondly, you can use a local sim card without any trouble while going overseas. You will save up a lot of roaming costs.
  • Lastly, your iPhone is worth money when coming to sell it since it’s already the global version.
  1. What is the legal status of unlocking an iPhone?

Until now, it is completely legal to unlock a smartphone. Every network has its own unlocking method, even though some make you jump through many hoops. There are also a number of third-party unlock providers who offering to unlock iPhone models without difficulty, but you should be careful about them.

  1. IMEI unlocking (The ONLY safe and highly effective way to unlock the iPhone XR)

While there are a number of unlocking methods out there, the IMEI number is the newest and most reliable method I’d like to introduce to you. The IMEI is the iPhone’s unique identifier used to track your device over its lifetime. They are stored by Apple enormous database along with other pertinent details like color, storage, and the status whether it is locked to a given network or not.

With the IMEI Unlocking method, your iPhone will be changed from locked to unlocked on the database of Apple. It’s not only an effective solution that gives your phone a freedom, but it is also extremely safe and doesn’t affect your iPhone warranty. The IMEI unlocking is the only method I recommend for your iPhone XR.

To get IMEI number off your phone, you simply dial *#06# and the IMEI will show up. You can also go to Settings > General and scroll down to find your 15-digit IMEI number.

Please keep in mind that IMEI unlock is the only unlock method I recommend to you. If there are some providers offering software or hardware unlocking, please stay away from them as they are just scams and you will waste your money without unlocking.

  1. How To Unlock Your iPhone XR With

My first recommendation to unlock iPhone is do you know why? They have been famous for years in unlocking iPhone. What sets it apart from other providers is that they support all iPhone models, so your locked iPhone XR could give them a hard time, no matter what the carrier of your iPhone is. The process is very simple and I will cover how in the section below.



  • Select the model of your phone as well as your current carrier and enter your IEMI number
  • Click on the Unlock button, and then add your payment method to make payment.
  • Once your payment has been processed, doctorunlock will start working on your order and they will then send you an email to notify that you have successfully unlocked your iPhone XR. All you need then is to plug your device into iTunes and you are Done!

From now, you can use your iPhone XR anywhere and switch to any carrier you want.

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