3 Great iOS 12 Mobile Games to Download Today

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing segments within the overall digital gaming industry, and it doesn’t look as if growth is going to slow down any time soon. Mobile games alone are expected to rake in half of the Global Games Market’s revenues. And with Apple now having launched iOS 12, game developers are quickly updating their content to leverage the greater capabilities of the new Apple mobile operating system.

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What New iOS Features Can Games Leverage?

Screen Time is a few feature that can help you limit your time on specific apps. If you feel you’re using Facebook for too long or watching too many YouTube videos or even playing a particular iOS game on your iPhone or iPad, this is a healthy feature to have.

Faster performance comes with iOS 12, even on older devices, and will be critical to serious mobile gamers. App launches are faster, and the phone is generally more responsive when you upgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 12.

Apple’s new push towards Augmented Reality is the ARKit 2, which the company says promises a better social gaming experience with AR apps. While none of the games showcased here are in the realm of AR, we will soon be showcasing new entrants that leverage the power of ARKit 2.

Cutting to the chase, let’s look at some popular games that are compatible with iOS 12.

Jetpack Joyride

This hugely popular endless runner game looks amazing on the new iPhone XS running iOS 12. The new update includes the ‘Big Bertha Jetpack’ with a bonus background that shows you Bertha the cow’s green meadows as you zip through the lap collecting coins and avoiding electrifying obstructions.

Bastion from Warner Bros.

This favorite indie RPG doesn’t actually have an update for iOS 12, but it’s a great game for new Apple devices nonetheless. Back in 2012 it was chosen as the best app for its category, so definitely worth a try. You’ll also love their other games, like the Lego Star Wars series, but Bastion sort of stands out of the crowd.

Casino and Sports Betting Games

There are plenty of iOS casino games available in the App Store, and one of the best we’ve seen is Hit it Rich from Zynga, the makers of Zynga Poker and other gaming favorites. Although it’s a great game, if you’re more into sports betting than casino games, then why not try one of the top betting apps? These iOS games are graphically realistic and highly addictive so they’ll keep you entertained for hours on end.

The relationship between iOS and its gaming environment is an interesting one. It’s almost an infinite cycle of games being developed for future technologies like AR, and operating systems like iOS catching up to these technologies. Apple has applied several restrictions in the recent past, such as phasing out support for 32-bit apps and games. Enhancements in AR capabilities represent yet another evolutionary stage to go through. The transition to using OLED panels on the new iPhones brings yet another color to the mix.

As we progress into new areas of tech, iOS will keep developing new features and continue to leverage superior hardware and better design. The gaming community is an important part of this ecosystem, and Apple as well as developers are well aware of this. As such, games will only get better over time. What we have now is amazing, but games of the future will have different control input methods, newer capabilities, hardware integrations and much more. It’s an exciting time for mobile games, and we’ll be sure to keep our finger on the pulse of new developments. See you soon!

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