Small Tip To Free up Storage Space On iPhone

Since the release of iPhone X last year, many users have been choosing the 64GB storage option as the next bigger storage option when buying an iPhone. However, these days 64GB storage space is not too high, so you could be mindful of how to use the storage space on your iPhone. In this post, we’ll show you tricks to quickly free up space on your iPhone storage.

There are several ways to free up space like getting rid of unwanted images, videos, but this will time-consuming. We are going to show you the simplest and fastest ways to free up space on your iPhone storage. However, these tips are only relevant to WhatsApp users, so if you are one, then you should read this post.

How to Quickly Free Up iPhone Storage Space with this WhatsApp Trick

Here are steps to free up a massive amount of your iPhone storage space.

Step 1: Check iPhone Storage Usage

First of all, you need to check out if WhatsApp is taking up too much Storage space. There is an easy way to check how much storage space on your iPhone through apps. Simply open the Settings app and then head over to General > iPhone Storage.


If WhatsApp is one of the top apps in the list that is taking up storage space, you should then proceed to the next step. If you don’t set to automatically download the photos and videos, WhatsApp will not end up taking up much storage space of your iPhone.

Step 2: Check Storage Usage on WhatsApp app

Simply navigate to Settings, and tap in Storage Usage. Next, select the person or Group that is eating up the most storage space.

Step 3: Choose Message Types


Now, tap on Manage. All the options such as Photos, GIFs, Videos, Documents and Stickers will be selected. Simply tap on options that are consuming the maximum amount of your iPhone storage space. You can deselect text messages since they don’t eat up storage space much.

Step 4: Clear iPhone Storage Space

Once you have deselected the preferred options, simply tap on Clear. WhatsApp will prompt then you if you want to delete the messages and there will be the amount of storage space cleared out. Just tap on Clear to free up your iPhone storage.

An issue we noticed was that although iOS users reported that their iPhone storage used by WhatsApp was not high, the storage usage reported by WhatsApp users was getting more.

Above might be the easiest and fastest method to free up your iPhone storage space. Let us know how it works, and it is great in case you notice how much storage space you could get back with this tip in the comments below.

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