Split Screen Not Working On Mac? How to Fix It

Multitasking is required when you want your workflow smoothly and less distractedly. Making it simple to work on two Mac apps and perform multiple tasks at one, Split View is helpful for productivity.

So, it can also be the reason why your productivity suffers if Split View feature on your Mac is not working. If you have used this feature too long and come across the problem a few times, you might see the culprits that are at the heart of the issue. Do not waste your time anymore, let’s start to fix the problem right away.

How To Fix Mac Split Screen Not Working Problem

While Split View mode has been added from OS X EL Capitan version, until now, there are still a few apps that don’t support this feature yet. So, make sure that the apps you are using support this multitasking feature.

The apps that are not compatible with Split Screen will appear a Zoom Button in place of the Full-Screen Button. Another thing is that the apps requiring more space to work with Split View can show up a popup message, saying that they are unavailable in full screen.

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You should note these important things before you are disappointed that this great feature is problematic or not living up to your demand.

When customizing the Mission Control setting, I accidentally disabled “Displays Have Separate Spaces” option. So, when Split Screen was not working on my Mac, I don’t know what suddenly want wrong. I tried out many tricks, but no one was helpful.

I visited Apple Support page and knew that “Displays have separate Spaces” within Mission Control on my Mac was previously disabled, which caused Split View mode to run into issues. I then re-enabled this option and this trick worked perfectly for me in fixing the problem.

So, you should make sure this option is already enabled by heading to System Preferences → Mission Control and check the box for it.


If this option is already turned on, untick the box, restart your computer and enable it again. You can now use the Split Screen as usual and the problem should disappear.

If Nothing Works: Check For Software Update


In most cases, the mentioned solution above is good enough to fix the issue on your Mac. However, there are still weird problems at some point. If you are in the case, the culprit is to blame. The better is to remove it and make use of Software Update feature on your Mac. Check for the latest MacOS update and install the latest one on your computer.

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