Microphone Is Not Working on iPad? How to Fix It

Everything on your iPad is still working fine, except for microphone when it doesn’t hear anything after you say. You try to open up Siri, Skype, Voice memo and third-party apps that record sound. However, nothing works on your device. All you get is static.

If your iPad’s microphone isn’t working, there are two problems happening here: software issue that can be fixed by a reset or a hardware issue where the microphone is broken. It’s quite simple while the latter will need some fees for the fix. Read on this post to fix Microphone not working on iPad.

Tips to Fix iPad Microphone Not Working

If it’s a software issue, then you are lucky. The microphone on your iPad might stop working after an iOS update or after you installed an app that has changed a few settings. There is a chance that an app changed the microphone settings without your permission, but there are chances triggering such an event.

The simplest way to check and fix is performing a simple reset. First, you need to press the Power button until you see the slide command on the screen. After you see the slider, press, and holder the Home button till the slider disappears. The iPad screen will be blank and then everything will back to the normal state. Then, check the microphone again.

A hard reset can also help. Press and hold the Power + Home buttons simultaneously, hold them until the iPad goes blank. After that, press the Power button again until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Then, test the microphone.

If it did not work, head to Settings → General → Reset and choose to reset all settings. A “settings reset” will revert all customized settings to default values. It’s a good way to fix the microphone issue.


If none of the above helped you, the last resort you can try is to restore your iPad, following the step from the hardware section.

What to do if it’s a hardware issue?

If software fixes could not help you, it can be an indication of a hardware issue. Have you dropped your iPad? Did it bump into something? Was your iPad exposed to dust and pollution?

Here are some things that could lead to a hardware issue, making the microphone of your iPad useless. One of the first things is to try sounds crazy enough so that Apple voids the warranty. However, it seems to work for numbers of iPad users. So you are recommended with a dosage of caution.

Here’s what to do so:

  • Prepare a vacuum cleaner and then run it over the microphone hole on your iPad. You can check the microphone after this attempt to restore it. If it works, then it’s just the dust in the microphone hole.


  • If it did not work, it could be a connectivity issue. Just blow into the hole and then tap over the microphone port. This is quite enough to talk about without harming your iPad.
  • The last solution you can try is to take your iPad to the nearest Apple Store. If your iPad is still under AppleCare, they will fix the thing for free or just for a small fee.

Above are potential solutions to fix the Microphone not working on iPad. If you can solve the issue after reading this post, let’s know in the comment below.

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