MacOS Catalina: New Features in Safari Browser, How to Use Them

Safari browser is the most widely-used browser on MacOS computers. Luckily, in the latest MacOS Catalina version, Apple has added more great features to Safari. Read on this post to get more.

A New Start Page


From now, every time you open Safari on your MacOS Catalina, you can easily open your recently visited sites or your favorite sites with the new tabs in Safari. When opening Safari browser on your Mac running MacOS Catalina, you will see your Favorites and Frequently Visited sites before you close the browser. Aside from that, there is also a new Siri Suggestions section, containing the recently-visited sites, Reading List, iCloud Tabs, and other things.


Tab Switching

When typing in a URL, if it’s already opened in another tab, Safari will prompt you an option to move on to the particular tab. This will not just cut down on the number of opening tabs on your Mac, but it can also help you browse to the tab you want.


Move Window to Left/Right

In a dropdown from Window menu you will see two new options that are Tile Window to Left, and Tile Window to Right. When clicking on one of them, it will sort your opening Safari windows.

If you chose these options, active Safari window will move to the left or the right of your Mac screen, depending on the option you choose, while tiles of other windows are displayed on the opposite side.


When you click on a large webpage, Safari will automatically expand it to fit with the whole screen. If you want to leave the fullscreen mode, just press the Escape button on the keyboard.

If you click on one of the tiled windows, it expands to fill the rest of the space next to the main active window.


Picture in Picture


When you are watching a video in Safari, you can easily pop up that video into a separate window. To do so, just click on the Audio icon in the URL box. After that, click on hold on it and there will be a pop-up menu on the screen. Simply, chose the Enter Picture in Picture option.


To exit Picture in Picture mode in Safari browser, click on the X button, the close window icon in the left corner of the video you are popping up. You can also click and hold on the Audio icon and then select Exit Picture in Picture.


Weak passwords warning

When register for an account of a website, Safari will automatically flag if your passwords are too weak. With this warning, you can make a stronger one during the process of creating your online account.


Above are the new features in Safari browser for Mac computers running MacOS Catalina. To update your Mac to MacOS Catalina, follow this post to do so. Since it’s still the beta stage, so there might be some bugs with this version.

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